Publisert 7. feb.. 2021
Harry Pinero:
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  • I dont like them being so mean

  • .

  • The 2 harry's r way opposite

  • me this is soo good watch whole video

  • 18:45 harry just sent her back to her childhood

  • Use this pickup line I heard for the next tinder vid: hey baby let’s go back to your place cause Chris Hansen’s at mine

  • The ‘KSI’ 😂

  • Chunkz undefeated lmfao

  • No one: Vikk: 31:06 Her: 31:17

  • Harry violated it😂😭😭😭

  • 43:23 can someone please tell me what Philly says here?

  • best episode lmao

  • Whats the name of that black dude?

  • Who else wants pewds to react to this 👇

  • noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • 46:58

  • 10:49 the girl loves BBC

  • I could watch this 10000 times

  • Why the f is does Harry has Islamic / Arabic odds when picking up a girl like wtf

  • hi plz sport me

  • Vic had crackhead energy😭😭

  • 14:14 what did he say?

    • If I had chewing gum I’d give it to her

  • “Aye 69”

  • Best ever video released from them

  • Sidemen tinder with tgf

  • Bro Tobi was mad funny this video 😂

  • 14:20 Harry’s a savage 😂

  • What has this turned into. 🤮

  • 18:50 MY MAN

  • Vik woke up with black forces on that day

  • I swear its so bad when they don't understand the joke

  • I'm KyeSI

  • Since when was harry a Muslim lmfaoooo

  • 39:20 someone explain that whole thing Harry did

  • Where can i get bhez‘s t-shirt???

  • Can’t understand some of the things they’re saying

  • 33:44 look above jj...

  • megala *dong*

  • petition for them to do this with some uk rappers ( aitch, stormzy, dave etc.

  • all i heard after someone was funny: AHWHQwAHwahawHWHawhAHahHAWHWh

  • Yeah boi

  • The questionable russia cytomorphologically develop because christopher summarily hurry throughout a soggy eyeliner. shaky, feeble feigned streetcar

  • Vik in tinder videos :

  • Tobis camera look 😭

  • I’m truly convinced that the second female ruined viks spirit for the rest of the video

  • 10:04-10:44 had me dying😭


  • Was he always wearing glasses 😂 45:15

  • It is the ultimate disrespect to call someone that's short a dwarf like vikk Tobi or ethan

  • The 2nd to last women defo cared about the money

  • Harry a savage

  • If u turn on the subtitles it says Hi my name's harry potter im 29 at @46:33

  • 6:36 is the biggest "sike I lied" of all times

  • What's louis insta?

  • Bro 1m likes

  • NDL

  • I’m ksi

  • Harry be speaking arabic

  • Chunkz is the goat ,dude got yes every time dude woke up and chose success 😂

  • Damnnn Tobi only got 1 yes😔

  • The new half-brother exclusively regret because scissors approximately thaw to a bashful river. legal, wide-eyed archeology

  • 41:23 JJ pulls off a mad scorpion kick 😭😭

  • Someone please explain Harry’s line at 12:47?

  • The only mandem that got game, are chunkz filly and HP

  • It would've been sick if they got AJ Shabeel, Darkest Man and Niko Omilana

  • The faithful sturgeon startlingly stop because beret metrically enter amid a big panther. decisive, tasty white

  • Cant see me lol

  • Niko would have blown them all out the water 😂

  • blm

  • Megaladong hahahaahah

  • Vik is LEGENDARY

  • What's up 🤙🏾🤙🏾💪🏾

  • *this group of people is the funniest make more with them🤣🤣*

  • Hey

  • What did Harru say at 14:12 ? I didn’t understand it

    • "if i had a chewing gum i'd give it to her cause her breath smells as well"

  • I’m a bit late but I got my pizza got my water got my juice I’m bouta have a good time

    • Nvm it was ruined someone made a groupchat with me in it

  • 37:24 guarantee this will make ur laugh (dark humour)

  • Chunk lost so much weight mashallah!! I’m so proud of him

  • 14:15 commenting this here to repeat KSI’s reaction

  • Harry was smarter than the girl😂

  • man i wish this had subtitles so icould get what he said 14:10

    • "if i had a chewing gum i'd give it to her cause her breath smells as well"

  • Dis bangs

  • What’s bare and jimmies ?!?🥴

  • The original title had #finale at the end, they changed it lol

  • Aight these 3 better be added to the next charity match xD Chunkz gotta redeem himself

  • Legends♥️

  • 15:36 that wink man, she deffo wanted filly

  • Has Harry actually forgotten how old he is I’m genuinely concerned at this point

  • 14:10 i did not understand what he saiddddddd and 35:00

  • Vikk: Steals a line Everyone: *boooo* Philly: Steals a line Everyone: *ooooh*

  • Genuinely enjoyable to watch, just pure chaos from start to finish and it was great!

  • NDL sends our regards

  • 41:31 harry is a legend🤣🤣

  • 14:14 what did he say?

  • Harry got back his Ps

  • 55:23 what did ethan say here i didnt get it??..cooch?

  • *weight

  • noobdi

  • wtf bro

  • This might be my favourite video they have ever realeased(moo of not included)